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Niseko HANAZONO Resort

Discount on Activity Fees

Individuals submitting an application will receive 10% off activities
*Excludes packaged products


Kamui Kaigan Park

Tororo Kombu (Kelp) Gift

Individuals applying for the hands-on experience each receive a Rishirin Tororo Kombu gift


Kitakogane Shell Mound Historic Park

Mini Magatama Building Set Gift

Customers entering the facility will each receive a Mini Magatama Building Set as a gift


Samurai Produce

Discount on Activity Fees

Customers will each receive a 300 yen discount on activity fees


Asahikawa Maru-un Travel

Tour Discounts

Customers applying for an Asahikawa Motocracy Tour will get 5% off their tour fee
*Reservation required 3 days before participation.



Tour Discounts

Tour applicants will receive 10% off their tour fee


Tokachi Ecology Park

(1) Free Drinks (2) Soft-Serve Ice Cream Discount

(1) Each visitor will receive one coffee or one Japanese tea
(2) Purchasing customers receive a discount of 50 yen off soft-serve ice cream
(250 yen → 200 yen)
*Offers not valid together


Taisetsu Fishing Pond

Fees Waived for Fishing Rods and Bait

Fishing rods and bait are provided free of charge for one person in each group
(200 yen → Free)


Country Terrace Koropokkur

Hands-on Experience Fee Discount

10% off hands-on experience fees
(Only group who booked 3,000 yen or more from Nov.1 to Apr.30)


Shiretoko nature cruise

Cruise Fee Discount

Paying customers receive 10% off
Age 13 or older:
8,000 yen → 7,200 yen
Age 3-12:
4,000 yen → 3,600 yen
Children 2 or under get in free



Spa Fee Discount

Spa fee discount for bathers
Age 13 or older:
1,500 yen → 1,000 yen
Age 4-12:
600 yen → 400 yen
* Includes an adult bathing wear and bath towel rental



Course Usage Fee Discount

Customers driving 12 times or more around the course each get 500 yen off their course usage fee



(1) Free Facility Entry (2) Free Commemorative Photo

(1) For groups of 2 or more adults entering the facility, 1 person gets in free
(2) Each visitor entering the facility gets to take a photograph for free while trying on a kimono embroidered with Ainu patterns
*Offers valid together


Akesato Ito Dairy Farm

Sticker Gift

Each visitor will receive an original Nemuro Footpath sticker


Watanabe Farm

Special Sweets Gift

Individuals participating in course experiences will each receive special sweets from the ranch



Bean Strap Gift

Individuals applying for the experience tour will each receive a bean strap
* An advance reservation is required. Reservations can be made up until 17:00 the day before. Make the reservation from our website.



Free Park Golf Set Rental

Each visitor can rent a park golf set for free
*Free play: Sep. 1st-mid-November


Cape Erimo "Museum of Wind"

Discount on Facility Entrance

Each customer entering the facility gets a discount on their entrance fee
Age 19 and above: 300 yen → 240 yen
Age 7-18: 200 yen → 160 yen
Kids 6 and under get in free



Animal Feed Gift

Each individual will receive an animal feed as a gift



Experience Fee Discount

10% off the experiences plan fee for individuals participating in the kimono experience


Northern Horse Park

Discount on Facility Entrance

For each group the facility get a discount on the adult entrance fee
(800 yen → 700 yen)
※16:00- and Nov.6-Apr.9:Free